5 Pack Wild Game Seasonings, Hand Mixed, Hand Packed small batch quality seasonings.
The Full 5 Pack - All Five Of Our Specialty Blends
Barebow BBQ Seasoning.  Small batch, hand mixed the best BBQ for all your game.
Black Powder Pepper,  Our special recipe.  For finishing wild game.
Venison Rub#4,  Small Batch, High Quality Venison Rub & Marinade Mix
10 Pt. Steak Seasoning
Cajun Seasoning.   Small Batch, Hand Mixed, you'll never use another Cajun seasoning again after trying ours.  I Gaaruuntee'

The Full 5 Pack - All Five Of Our Specialty Blends

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2 oz bags

BareBow BBQ - Sweet and Smoky classic BBQ flavor. Can be used any place you want solid BBQ flavor.  Excellent on potatoes and chicken. Can also use to make a quick homemade BBQ sauce by combining 1 cup tomato sauce,1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 2 TBSP Barebow BBQ. Mix thoroughly and simmer 20 to 30 min. This recipe is very basic, feel free to play with it. You could add mustard, beer, horseradish. Can also use ketchup if you don't have plain tomato sauce handy.

Black Powder Pepper - This salt and pepper blend was created specifically for Venison. Rosemary is known far and wide as the herb to pair with venison. Sometimes wild game can taste more pungent than we prefer and this seasoning helps to mellow out those flavors. In addition to wild game, this is excellent on eggs, beef, and vegetables. Because rosemary is a woody herb it is often better the next day and therefore this makes an excellent addition to flavoring marinated meats as well as soups and stews.

Venison Rub#4 - This seasoning is formulated to be a wet rub. Rosemary and citrus are the shining stars of this combination. The rosemary adds the flavor and the citrus/salt combo helps to tenderize the meat. Simply mix the rub 1 to 1 with oil of choice and slather the meat with the thick sauce. This is an effortless way to marinate.

10 Point Steak Seasoning - This is as reliable as your trusty ole Winchester. The flavor is similar to Montreal Steak and versatile as they come. Salty and Peppery with mild hints of citrus and herb. The garlic and onion marry all the flavors into a smooth yet upbeat combination. The citrus and herb elements of this rub make it great on chicken. A few other of my favorite ideas are mixing it into burger for the grill and on sautéed vegetables. Use this in your meatballs and have everyone wondering what your secret ingredient is! One thing is for sure, no matter what size your catch is, it will always taste like a 10 pointer.

Catch-All Cajun - Is the one size fits all for spicy seasoning. It is not over the top on the heat but has a nice spicy kick. This is excellent for Cajun catfish, Cajun fries, Cajun Chicken, Cajun Shrimp, and even Cajun Salmon. This would work excellent as a seasoning for blackening. More traditional uses for this seasoning would be paella, jambalaya, or an etouffe like dish.

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